Alan, Esq. (alanesq) wrote in poly_ny,
Alan, Esq.

When the Kink/Poly World Conflicts with the Vanilla World.

Lisa and I worked on the guest list for the wedding today. It really sucks trying to balance 105 guests while taking into account relatives you have to invite but probably wont come, so it ends up being a lot of shifting from "A" list to "B" list, and waiting until people's RSVP's come back.

Another interesting scenario is whether or not to invite "partners". It's hard enough when traditional rules wavered on inviting non-married couples. (It's ok if they've dated for a year or are living together, but not ok if they just started fucking).

But, it gets really weird when we have to include our friends from the S/m and Poly world. ("Ok... Person "X" is no longer Person "Y"'s slave, but "X" is still the boyfriend of person "Z"; meanwhile "Z" is collared to "W", who's now having sex with "Y", but "Y" hates "V" and "V" is part of triad relationship of "TUV".)

Sounds like a Logic Problem from Hell.

I cant wait until we get to the seating charts... *sigh*
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