Latzoni (latzoni) wrote in poly_ny,

Katrina in-kind donations

Crossposted a bit, but hopefully not obnoxiously.

The bar d.b.a, in the East Village, has collection boxes set up for "in-kind donations" -- i.e., food, clothing, toiletries and so on. [D.b.a. has a "sister bar" in New Orleans, or at least they DID until last weekend.] I was there on Friday afternoon and confirmed this.

I know most of the nonprofits are saying that they'd prefer it if people donated money, or gave blood, or volunteered; but this is another alternative for those who might not have the cash to spare this week, for example. [And then there are those of us who have sex with men, who've had sex with men, anytime after 1977; the Red Cross doesn't want our feelthy blood no matter how much latex we use...]

Anyhow, you might want to call d.b.a. before you bring over anything heavy, just to make sure this collection is still going on.
They're at 41 First Avenue (2nd/3rd Street), and their # is 212.475.5097.
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