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I met a wonderful woman a few years ago. We had been sweethearts in high-school and  I was interested in getting to know her again and she proceeded to explain to me what poly is. Initially I wanted no part of it and we chose to become friends. As time moved on I found her irresistable and gave polyamory a try.

We're now married, she has one other partner who I get along well with. To date I have not had any outside interests. Recently another person began to make overtures to her and she inquired with me if she could pursue it. I said OK.

I go from moments of stressed out to moments where I'm OK with this. I love her & I have no doubt she loves me.

I'm thinking of going to the Poly Munch in NY next week, but frankly I'm unsure. While I know I'm going there looking to meet someone I'm not sure I want to set myself up for failure.

Feh, sorry I don't mean to make this a whine, any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

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